Monday, June 16, 2008

Describe the Perfect...June 16 2008

Perfect what? Argh! First off, there's no such thing but we CAN describe something to the best of our knowledge or imagination!

Quick exercise to jump start the muse: food--last or current meal.

I'm having breakfast. I've mixed two packages of Instant Quaker Oats--and yes, they do have them here in Israel. One's peaches and cream, the other is blueberries and cream. Now I could wax on about the ingredients as a list and how food companies save money: they often use cheaper apples cut, colored, and flavored to substitute for other more expensive fruits, or I could just do taste as I know real blueberries and peaches:

The oatmeal is very warm, not hot enough to burn but to explode through the mouth with the alternating bumpy and smooth texture. The blueberries taste come in small bursts stronger than the peach that sneaks in with a subtle stubbornness. The oatmeal flakes are the quiet homogenous background, happy to soak up the brown sugar I added.

I'm drinking a pint of Lipton Yellow Label tea, based on orange & black peko tea leaves. I've added sweetened condensed milk for a creamier texture, and two sweetners. This I like almost scalding to feel each swallow drop down my throat into my stomach. The tea leaves have a flicker of sharpness in their scent. The thick milk spreads out to fill and change the color of the tea from sable to a pale sepia.

Almost done with the oatmeal. The heavier brown sugar has sunk to the bottom of the bowl making the last spoonfuls extra sweet. Does this do anything more than promise the next bowl will be just as enjoyable?

This is a comfort food breakfast.

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.