Saturday, August 25, 2007

Art, Desire, Belief! August 17, 2005

WHOOHOO! The artist that I've been trying to get for Ikarias book 1 has contacted me! She was on vacation, that's why she didn't answer her email for so long. She says she has time to do the cover. Now it's what price and how long. I believe in my book, I believe in LB as an artist. Forgive me for not giving her name or site yet because I don't want pressure from outside sources on her. Once she says yes, and CSM agrees to her price, we're ON!

I am confident in LB to the point of contributing a few hundred $ to the cover art for the 1st book. Ikarias is my baby, part of my heart and soul, my pain, my joy.

I didn't have the tattoo of 'desire' done 18 months ago just for fun. It was for the desire to write well, to love what I do, to find others with whom to share it, to find a publisher, to do more.

Course it peeled and looks like swiss cheese so can I say: my desire is flawed? Whose isn't?

Also desire for O, always and forever. She makes so much possible for me.

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