Saturday, August 25, 2007

POV, What's Right? July 28, 2005

Rather than accept the first POV (point of view) that comes to mind take another tack and try one not so obvious. I should listen to my own advice. I do multiple POV's because all my main characters have something to say or think that having an omniscient POV wouldn't carry. First person is difficult and limiting, not most publishers' first choice for listening to a story.

Ex: I awake to the sound of the alarm and smack the clock to the floor. I hate leaving the warm body murmuring half-asleep next to me, but one not so warm awaits in the morgue. Ana will rise after I leave, teasing me now with the blanket slipping off her thigh. She knows it takes more than the promise of sharing very good times to postpone a bad case. I appreciate the offer, life and love is preferable to cold still death. I leave her with a kiss on the small of her back where the fine hairs brush invisible against my lips.

I did prelim looksee yesterday, today Det. Lt. Kerry Grasier will watch the autopsy proper. She's a good cop, twelve years on the force, made Detective three years ago. She always brings me cappuchino and cinnamon crullers when she needs to know who did what when where and how.

Immediate voice knows only what happens to her/him and her/his past.

Limiting, but it is immediate, so choose carefully.

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