Saturday, August 25, 2007

Pandora's Hope August 05, 2005

ComStar received Pandora's Hope, (thanks to my O who helped me revise and choose a better title). Hopefully they'll want it for their sf anthology.

What's it about? Frogs in space... that's different isn't it? I changed the POV to be from the captain, a human woman named Cass to the eldest froggie, Vici, who's about ready to leave the hatch tanks. Frogs are intelligent and intuitive space-farers. They grow to the size of a child of 12 and have eidetic memories. Vici's like a 15 year old girl even though she's much smarter.

Conflict starts with hints of those who don't want frogs as space partners. Keeping with the 'Greek myth' theme, I use the Trojan horse gambit to bring the horror home. I hope they like it at CSM. I think it's different yet it has the 'us vs them' eternal war...

Redid Balanced Scales beginning, Cephira is lost, Ikarias comes home wounded and ill, then the story is told. This takes the plot from what to how and why. Now it feels right.

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