Saturday, August 25, 2007

Writing Vignettes August 14, 2005

I keep dropping vignettes and slices of conversations into the notebook for Ikarias 3, Balanced Scales. Up to 6k+.

Should I bring in the Centaucorns? B'sylla? Maybe bring her in for book 4.

For suspense, time limits can help, note the popularity of the TV show '24' when every season is based on 1 hour in the 24. Can't say I'm terribly fond of the Sutherland boy. I think his father is a much more accomplished actor.

On one hand I want to get to the editing of Sorceress' Game, Ikarias 1, asap, and dreading it. How much will they want to change my voice? I know J's good. She didn't twist 'Jura the Wanderer' for Tavern Tales, just made things clearer. The old 'forest for the trees' was never so real as in doing a novel.

Maybe I should start working up a concordance or site map. That would be fun too.

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